December 18, 2019 – Holiday Greetings

SHHH!! Ensemble is spending the holidays cozied up with our scores! With our non-duo commitments “wrapped up” for 2019, we are excited to have a few weeks of dedicated rehearsal time as the only thing in our calendar.

We’ve already received a few early x-mas presents (in the form of new scores, and new projects), which we are excited to share with you soon!

On the docket this week, Micheline Roi’s Greiving the Doubts of Angels. This wonderfully expressive, at times subtle, but mostly bombastic work is one of the few pieces on the Spirits programme that we did not commission ourselves. Written for Beverley Johnston and premiered in 2002, Grieving the Doubts of Angels is an exploration of the creative process. Roi writes, “Crisis of faith. Materials and process. The creation of this piece marked the end of some fully explored materials. Grieving. New ideas appeared and the cycle of exploration began again. Doubts. The piece is an aural searching, a sorting, sifting through new compositional material. Angels.”

You can hear Beverley Johnston and Pamela Reimer’s interpretation on Beverley’s 2013 Woman Runs With Wolves album. We can’t wait to perform it in the New Year!

Best wishes for the holiday season from the SHHH!! studio! 😊 🎹 🥁 🎄 ❄️