August 28, 2019 – SHHHuffle

Later this fall SHHH!! will be presenting a recital at the Shenkman Arts Centre thanks to the generous support of an Ottawa Arts Network ARTicipate/ARTicipez Endowment Fund Grant. For more information about this fantastic initiative and the other participants check out the press release here.

The concert, titled Shuffle, takes place on November 7th at 7:00pm in the Richcraft Theatre. Can’t wait! Stay tuned for ticket information.

Shuffle takes its name and inspiration from a piece that Zac worked on with composer Dr. Kevin Hanlon during a February 2018 residency at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. In Shuffle the performer must improvise over, under, and around backing tracks (clips of various durations that are samples of the instrument, in this case marimba, being played in an unconventional manner) that are played at random (i.e. in “shuffle” mode). The challenge and the fun of this work is creating a cohesive piece while responding in real time to a myriad of unexpected and at times complex sounds. 

Kevin has generously agreed to rework Shuffle for Zac for our duo to include piano and toy piano samples. We are excited to premiere his new work, SHHHuffle for you on November 7th. 

In keeping with the shuffle theme; instead of traditional concert seating, we have decided to integrate the audience into the space. As a listener you will be invited to see, hear, and feel the music as the performer does: right beside, across from, behind, or in front of, the action. There will even be moments in the programme where the audience is asked to participate in the music-making. 

At the beginning of November, we will be coming out of a long run of school outreach concerts and Health Arts Ontario “Concerts in Care” performances, for which we have a specially tailored accessible program. We will be in a repertoire transition phase as SHHH!! gears up for our contemporary recital we are touring in January, February, and March 2020. 

So, for the shuffle programme at the Shenkman recital audiences will hear a unique blend of traditional pieces, full works and excerpts of contemporary Canadian repertoire, minimalist, and improvised music. 

We are looking forward to presenting a concert at the Shenkman Arts Centre in this unique format, and look forward performing beside, across from, behind, and in front of you! See you there!

In the meantime, listen to the world premiere of Shuffle for Zac by Kevin Hanlon here.