October 25, 2019 – Outreach

This week we wrapped up our final outreach concerts of the Fall! The last six weeks have been a truly wonderful experience!  

Through school shows and Concerts in Care performances, we had the opportunity to share our music and our message with around 3000 individuals in the National Capital Region and Greater Toronto Area— most of whom had never heard contemporary music before! Because of that fact, we recognize what a privilege and responsibility it is to represent the art form.

One of most wonderful things we had confirmed during these performances was that, when presented properly through thoughtful description and engaging performance, no level of complexity or abstraction in the music is “over the line”. It is encouraging to us that as we continue to test the balance (and hone our presentation) between accessible and avant-garde, we can tip the scales a little more in favour of the experimental and unusual! 

Here are some highlights from our Autumn outreach activities: