November 21, 2019 – Under Construction

SHHH!! is under construction! We are hard at work preparing our new all-contemporary programme “Spirits”. Read more about it below: 

Spirits is our most ambitious project to date, featuring a newly commissioned work by Canadian composer John Gordon Armstrong as well as a host of other pieces by composers such as John Beckwith, Micheline Roi, Kevin Hanlon, and Andy Akiho. 

The programme is diversely inspired with Spirits referring/reflecting on the nature of creativity, the beyond, scotch, and more.

We are grateful for the support of the Canadian Music Centre (Toronto) who have generously welcomed us as artists in residence in their space from January 27-31, giving us the freedom to polish this challenging and exciting programme before taking it on tour. We will also perform a culminating recital at the CMC on January 31, more information on that here

SHHH!! Ensemble will be presenting Spirits at a variety of Canadian institutions including Lakehead University, Laurentian/Cambrian, Conrad Grebel, and the Universities of Manitoba, Ottawa, Alberta, and Calgary. We are also looking forward to facilitating workshops and masterclasses at several of the institutions.

In the coming weeks we will be profiling each of the works on Spirits, starting with The Angels Share, by John Gordon Armstrong.

John Gordon Armstrong’s The Angels Share is inspired by tasting notes from a variety of different single malt scotches. With evocative movement titles such as “Like a Fist to the Jaw”, “Smells Like Vanilla Ice Cream”, “A Spicy Little Dram”, “Tastes Like Bandaids”, and “Like Butter”, this new work is just asking to be served neat… please enjoy responsibly. 

In addition to learning the numerous musical notes in this epic 15 minute tour-de-force, we have also been enjoying some well deserved extracurricular research sessions (i.e. scotch tasting). Preparation is key!