August 16, 2020 – Morlock Premiere!

SHHH!! is really looking forward to our upcoming Tuckamore Festival “Alumni All-Stars” performance on Tuesday, August 18th! On the programme is Andy Akiho’s Karakurenai, our adaptation of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Fantasia for Guitar and Piano, and the world premiere of Jocelyn Morlock’s Spirit Gradient! You can be one of the first to hear this exciting new addition to the piano/percussion repertoire! It’s funky, crunchy, stylish… in a word: BAD-ASS! Tickets and info here.

We’ll be live-streaming from New Brunswick at Chez Higham-Boland, where we have been engaging in some well deserved R&R… SHHH!! style!!! … rehearsing and reading (new scores!)… and of course relaxing as well.

Our Spirit Gradient setup featuring two octaves of crotales, triangles, marimba, and piano!

Also, for our Ottawa-based friends: we are really excited to be partnering with the awesome folks at Young Arts Leaders Collective and Pure Kitchen Ottawa for the #takeoutart613 initiative! Starting this weekend, and for a limited time only, your Pure Kitchen take out meal will include a postcard with a print from a local artist and an exclusive link to a SHHH!! Ensemble curated playlist of some of our recent work. 🤤 🥑 🥦 🎶