NightCAPS w/ SHHH!! Ensemble

NightCAPS w/ SHHH!! Ensemble is a video series of new Canadian music for piano/percussion duo.

Each episode begins with a composer/performer interview moderated by CMC Ontario Region Director Matthew Fava and ends with a never-before-seen performance by SHHH!! Ensemble.

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  • Episode 1, January 30th – Jocelyn Morlock’s Spirit Gradient
  • Episode 2, March 27th – Matthew-John Knights’ Water States: Ebb/Flow*
  • Episode 3, June 12th – Monica Pearce’s leather* and Patricia Morehead’s Moon on Shimmering Water*
  • Episode 4, TBD – Daniel Mehdizadeh’s RITUAL* and Edward Enman’s That Star is Awake*

* world premiere performance

Matthew Fava – host/MC
SHHH!! Ensemble – performers

With performance opportunities scarce due to ongoing pandemic restrictions, SHHH!! Ensemble is excited to announce their own monthly series featuring new Canadian works.

Access to the episodes is free, but please consider making a donation. 100% of contributions from this campaign go to supporting SHHH!! Ensemble and offsetting the costs of running the NightCAPS series. Thank you for your support!

Episodes will be posted to this page and will also be accessible via SHHH!! ENsemble’s youtube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Episode 1 – January 30th

Jocelyn Morlock – composer of Spirit Gradient

For more about Jocelyn Morlock, click here.

Episode 2 – March 27th

Matthew-John Knights – composer of Water States: Ebb/Flow

For more about Matthew-John Knights, click here.

Episode 3 – June 12th

This episode is generously supported by the Association of Canadian Women Composers in celebration of their 40th anniversary. For more about the ACWC, click here.

Monica Pearce – composer of leather

For more about Monica Pearce, click here.

leather was commissioned by the Reimer/Chow duo with support from the Toronto Arts Council

Patricia Morehead – composer of Moon on Shimmering Water

For more about Patricia Morehead, click here.

Episode 4 – TBD

Daniel Mehdizadeh – composer of RITUAL

For more about Daniel Mehdizadeh, click here.

Edward Enman – composer of That Star is Awake

For more about Edward Enman, click here.

NightCAPS w/ SHHH!! Ensemble would not be possible without the generous support of viewers like you. We would also like to thank our wonderful collaborators: composers Jocelyn Morlock, Matthew-John Knights, Monica Pearce, Patricia Morehead, Edward Enman, and Daniel Mehdizadeh; the Canadian Music Centre; CMC Ontario Region Director and NightCAPS host/MC Matthew Fava; composer Kevin Hanlon, who’s piece SHHHuffle is excerpted in the NightCAPS intro and credits; the Association of Canadian Women Composers for supporting a call for scores and funding episode 3; and photographer Alan Dean (all SHHH!! Ensemble pictures).

Monica Pearce headshot photo credit: Sean Gasser. Matthew Fava headshot photo credit: Nick Wons.