SHHH!!… a powerful utterance designed to draw attention forward… creating space and awareness… opening ears to something important.

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“Truly virtuosic and intense” (Confluence Concerts) describes Zac Pulak and Edana Higham’s SHHH!! Ensemble.

SHHH!! prides themselves on presenting musical experiences that are as accessible as they are groundbreaking. Exploring sonic worlds through a myriad of percussion instruments and piano, they love to share the wonder of beautiful new sounds. You can find the duo performing with symphony orchestras, under bridges, on top of art galleries, inside horse barns, and at all of the usual places too!

#listencuriously is the name of their game. Come to a SHHH!! show and you will encounter electrifying new music performed with passion. Open your ears to something different.

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La Scena Musicale (re: An Auditory Survey of the Last Days of the Holocene)

SHHH!! play [Meanwhile] like they own it… they clearly love performing it and do so with complete assurance and mastery.

The WholeNote

🏆 Meanwhile nominated for the ECMA’s “Classical Recording of the Year” 2023!!

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November 27 | Untethered | Groundswell (Winnipeg, MB) 🔗

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Alison McTavish

(905) 599-5698

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